~~{ ƈ ą ŧ ą ŋ đ ɱ σ ų ş ε }~~


Kent had seen some nasty looking demons in the years he’d been a field agent, but this one was entirely different. This one frightened the hell out of him. Animalistic and sharp toothed, he towered over the short boy by at least a full foot.

He swerved out of the way best he could and ducked down. Because he was too young to have summoning permission, he drew his death scythe from a scabbard that hung on his belt loop. A full sized rapier that glinted with movement. He would’ve looked decently dangerous, had he not faltered beneath a shooting pain in his left arm caused by the demon’s nails. Blood made itself noticeable, staining his sleeve crimson.

“How did you even get in here?” He called, teeth gritted. His stance held the reaper standard image of ‘killer/death incarnate’, but his eyes were an entirely different  story. They were widened, pupils dilated from fear and helplessness. A strong-enough young man’s body, but a child’s eyes that lacked the pure primitive urge for fighting to kill.

The nails with the reapers blood on them were brought to his lips, a forked tongue darting out to lap it up. A grin spread across his face at the taste. “мммм….נυѕт αѕ ѕ ω є є т αѕ ι ѕυѕρєcтє∂~” he murmured to himself. The rest was quickly licked off, and te demon staggered up to a standing position from where he’d landed on his knees. His empty eyes fixed on the younger, staring into his eyes. Afraid. And not the strong, steely kind that lent untold strength. The weak, fluttery kind that meant he could easily defeat him.

"ιƒ уσυ я є α ℓ ℓ у ωαηт тσ кησω нσω ι gσт ιη," he said in response to the question, beginning to walk towards his prey, "ι’ℓℓ ѕнσω уσυ ωнєη ι TAKE YOU BACK WITH ME." Withthat, he bared his teeth once more and lunged at Kent, very much intent on disabling or disarming him one. One set of claws aimed for the shoulder above his sword arm, the other aimed to grip him by the throat. Whether by severing tendons or threatening to slit his jugular vein, he would get the sword to drop and his new pet under control.

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