~~{ ƈ ą ŧ ą ŋ đ ɱ σ ų ş ε }~~


A long day of work already had Kent battered and a little bruised, but generally content with his day. As he reached for the doorknob he paused in thought and slight confusion. Something was off, something was wrong. He could feel it in the air. But exactly what was it? Kent couldn’t put his finger on it. He made the mistake of opening the door anyway.

He had never expected the demon to be lurking in his room, he thought it impossible for one of them to even get into his realm. His instincts had him edgy and jumpy all of a sudden. His hands shook a little as slightly-glowing green-yellow eyes scanned the darkness room. He should’ve taken it all as a warning, but he had stupidly never seen any of this coming.

And then he took a deep breath of the cold air, and realized that the demon stench wasn’t emanating from his uniform, but the room. He whirled around just in time to come face to face with the demon.

When the reaper entered the room, the rogue poaused for a moment to go through his mental checklist. Did he really need a new pet? No. Did it really have to be a reaper? No. Was it worth the damages he might receive? Probably not. Was he going to do it anyways? Hell yes.

Once the younger turned to face him, a sadistic grin appeared on his face, revealing his sharpened teeth. He pounced from his perch, nails aimed for the flesh between his preys elbows. Without use of his arms, no weapon could be summoned. In such close quarters, it would probably be useless anyways, but one couldn’t be sure. He bared his teeth, eager to sink them into Kent and drink up the crimson liquid that was sure to flow out. Rivers of it, oozing from the gaping wounds he itched to inflict….He could already taste it.

Sebastian would take more than just blood, though. There was every intention of tearing off long strips of muscle and skin from his victim, not even bothering to chew before they dropped into his stomach. He’d be extra careful to keep him alive, though. A reaper would make a lovely pet. And attract more for him to feast on. He’d have his pick of them all, and he’d relish each one as it fell. Depending on whether or not this one was liked, he might even search for another pet among them. Who knew? There were so many delicious options~

February 20, 2013 via: eagerreaper source: dishonestknight #crazy sebby just wants a pet to kiss and cuddle and eat

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