~~{ ƈ ą ŧ ą ŋ đ ɱ σ ų ş ε }~~

Stalking before a kill had become ritualistic. He’d trail his target for several days, planning and plotting the perfect place to snatch them, then would pluck them from everyday like to either drain them of their blood to quench his thirst, devour their flesh to sate his hunger, or just to take them away to play with for a while. The problem was that humans had become so easy to capture. He needed a thrill. A test of his skills. A new species to be his mouse to bat at and chase around.

This desire for change led him to his current whereabouts, clinging to the ceiling in the darkened bedroom to await the owner to walk in. Sneaking into the realm had been child’s play after learning the comings and goings of its inhabitants. The security had been easy to bypass. The only challenge had been tracking down the right home, as reapers seemed to work the oddest hours. 

But now, all his patience would be rewarded. Two weeks of stalking and waiting and biding time had led to this moment, perched above the doorway to pounce on his prey at its most vulnerable. No one felt safer than at home, after all. Especially those who had no clue there was anything to fear. All that was left was to wait. 

February 18, 2013 #ic #starter #eagerreaper #Or any reaper I guess

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