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Bites, Frights, and Horrid Nights (@earlcielmichaelisphantomhive)

Screaming was probably the least disturbing noises in the courtyard, when compared to the snuffles that were accompanied by the sound of ripping flesh. The massive wolf-like creature had its muzzle buried in a servants stomach, eating the man alive while he begged and moaned for someone to save him. Of course, he was too far gone for that, but his brain had yet to realise that as the intense pain was blocked out by his nerves. Not that the creature had any care for the pitiful noises of humans, busy eating his fill like he did every month. 

The past few had been easy, unanticipated when his pattern had still been unknown. In his human form, he’d come to visit his new neighbours, taking into account the layout for when the full moon came along. It served him well now, having climbed and sneaked his way enough in to snatch a snack and begin devouring it. He remained on alert, of course, not doubting he’d be chased away any moment. Not before he was done chewing, though. He’d take the man with him when he fled. Or just half. Whatever didn’t break off the side he’d grab. 
"He was a winter wind,
Concerned with ice and snow,
Dead weeds and unmated birds,
And little of love could know."
---Robert Frost, “Wind and Window Flower” (via larmoyante)
8/9/13 1130
"Found: kitten. Solid ivory. Lots of strange glyphs. Bringing terrible fates to those who touch it. Please claim if yours."
---Night Vale Radio (via nothesheriffsecretpolice)
"When a door closes, a window closes too. Then the window and the door lock. Then there are terrible snarling sounds from inside your home."
---Night Vale Radio (via nothesheriffsecretpolice)
"All living things will someday die. All dead things will someday glow red and emit a beautiful song. No one will be alive to hear it."
---Night Vale Radio (via nothesheriffsecretpolice)
"Is there really nothing, nothing left of me?"
---Jean-Paul Sartre, No Exit  (via larmoyante)
24/8/13 2782